My name is Krzysztof Zajączkowski

I'm a .NET Software Engineer

Feel free to browse my projects and contact me should You have any inquiries.

About me

My name is Krzysztof Zajączkowski, I am a Software Engineer. Most of the time i code in C# on .NET platform. Apart from my engineering career, I'm a leader of .NET PG Group in which I organize events and participate as a speaker or master of ceremonies. I majored in Informatics at Gdańsk University of Technology and I'm starting my journey for Master's Degree in October 2022.


TypeScript (JavaScript)


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📄 Web
Distributed Portfolio

Portfolio with projects descriptions distributed across repositories. CI/CD pipeline configured to download all projects descriptions before build and deployment. This feature allows creating description for portfolio inside project repository where it belongs. Major motivation for developing this project was to have some fun with CI/CD pipelines. Used this Gatsby template. Design of this portfolio page DOES NOT belong to me.

GatsbyCI/CD pipelines
☁️ GitHub Action
File change trigger

GitHub Action that triggers specified repository's workflow if selected file or directory was updated. Check is based on latest commit that changed directory/file and latest successful workflow run. If updates occurred later than latest completed workflow - the workflow is triggered. This Action is used for triggering distributed portfolio deployment workflow when any project with this job set up has portfolio description updated.

PowershellCI/CD pipelinesGitHub ActionParametrized
☁️ GitHub Action
Repositories templates downloader

GitHub Action for downloading specified template file and cover image from all user's public repositories. Each pair of template/image for repository is stored in path that is combined from parametrized output path and repository name. This Action is used for building distributed portfolio project.

PowershellCI/CD pipelinesGitHub ActionParametrized


If You want to reach me regarding career or collaboration offers, feel free to contact me through LinkedIn.

Krzysztof Zajączkowski
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